Our company can provide you with expertise in making additions, alterations, remodeling, and improvements of any size. From pulling a local building permit to following in depth blueprints, our staff understands that every detail matters. From simple maintenance like replacing rotten exterior wood to replacing the roof or adding a master bedroom/bath addition, Meridian Construction understands the value of affordability, integrity craftsmanship and experienced project management.

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Why Does a Big Contractor Bother with Small Projects?
We understand that small projects lead to large projects. We believe that’s where relationship building starts.

The Best Choice
While there are many small contractors for small jobs, Meridian Construction clients benefit from a dedicated group backed by the financial strength and resources of a licensed state contractor. In addition to the experience to perform in environments that require specialized knowledge, Meridian Construction brings the same
safety, security and environmental commitment to small projects
as to multi-million dollar projects.